“The Pantoum”.


20 Questions is a yes and no game that is fun to play with beginner English language learners. The 25 Best Interactive Story Games.

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Celebrate your writing victories! Choose from 5,000+ unique items to reward yourself with! Customize your character’s looks, build your worlds, gain mastery over monsters, and unlock new areas all by writing.

1 day ago · Born Christina Najjar, the 32-year-old influencer known online as Tinx boasts 1. Forge rich characters. The Languageisavirus.

Purple means in your mouth.

You have to keep solving the mystery of the cursed place and you move from one level to the other. . This article is part four of a series about starting your own creative writing group/club.

Details can be changed and characters can be added or removed. Wherever you are sitting, jot down as many words as you can see easily from your.


Letter & Number Tracing.

The first four sentences of this short story sent chills down my spine. .

An online collaborative story planner that lets writers plan, organize, and write stories & fictional universes. .

Played at your own pace.


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Share your stories Publish your stories to receive expert feedback from educators, professional editors, and other authors. . Purple means in your mouth.

You, and every player, have inherited a debt of $31 trillion. positively negatively. May 10, 2023 · However, the lawyers involved in the case are likely to take a portion of the settlement as part of their fees. Six adjectives to describe somebody's character. Incorporate these eight exercises into your writing routine.

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The story goes like this: a team sent to excavate a mysterious treasure left journal entries for 28 weeks but disappeared on the 29 th.


It’s up to you how long you want it to be, but I recommend no more than 10-15 sentences so it’s easier to focus on your errors along with what you did correctly.